our philosophy

We believe in moments. Not in the moment seized but in the moment appreciated and prolonged. We believe in the lingering seconds where an entryway’s shadow passes over a visitor’s eyes as she steps through your door or ours to the dining room. In moments where, with care and gentleness, she unfolds her napkin with anticipation. We believe in conversation in addition to the understood comfort of quiet. And we believe in eliciting the glimmer and radiance her smile produces when she finishes the meal you’ve discussed for weeks.

Simply, we believe fine dining should be more than food. We believe in making your experience. 


Fine Dining Preferences

Serve Ware

  • Silver

  • Glass

  • Wood

  • Plastic

Seating Style

  • Plated Dinner

  • Buffet

  • Drop Off

  • Parties at 36 Restaurant Loft
    (additional food options available)